How to Cope With Loss Of a Job

You never imagined it would happen to you. always thought you were an excellent employee. You served your clients well, crunched numbers and worked to create great programs. However, your manager thought you were not doing a good job, or your organization was feeling the effects of the bad economy and eliminated your position. How … Read more

How to Negotiate For a Pay Rise

Every last quarter of the year a number of employees get busy working on their performance reviews and preparing to have the inevitable pay rise discussion with their managers. Knowing what needs to be done helps in making the whole process much easier as having this discussion is never an easy task. So let’s look … Read more

Tips for a Successful Job Search

For you to have a successful job search make sure to create a support system for yourself emotionally. Identify people you can easily count on. One thing you should understand is that some will have weaknesses in one area, but strengths in another. In your job search Identify the various people will play different roles. … Read more

Job Search Malawi
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