Tips for a Successful Job Search

For you to have a successful job search make sure to create a support system for yourself emotionally. Identify people you can easily count on. One thing you should understand is that some will have weaknesses in one area, but strengths in another. In your job search Identify the various people will play different roles.

Always make sure a positive attitude is maintained. There is one thing you should make sure you avoid, those are negative feelings, they can sabotage your job search. Negative feelings or emotions will derail your best efforts. If you still mad at your previous employer, work through it. Keep yourself enthusiastic and renewed throughout the process.

These are the tips for a successful job search

1. Network.

Networking is always the number one way of getting a job. Even if you are involved in the Information Technology  industry, Only about 10% or less of jobs are obtained through the Internet. Dedicate yo energy to making valuable, real connections with people.

2. Develop goals and a schedule

The major goal is getting a job is of course, but when you will get it, is impossible to predict. Come up with weekly and daily schedules of job search activities you can control. For instance, research 4 companies, send out 8 resumes,  and call 8 people in your network. This will keep you focused and on track.

What you want is one thing you should know that. People need to work for benefits and for money. But always keep in mind that  other components are important for you to have satisfaction in the workplace. Know what satisfies and motivates you. Get to know which environments you’re most productive in. Know what you wont and what you can compromise on.

3. You should have a “Plan B”.

When you just had your greatest interview ever in your life that’s the best time to accelerate your job search. You’re feeling competent, confident and enthusiastic. This is the time to follow-up on contacts, schedule new interviews and expand your networking. At the back of your mind always remember, even the best prospect can backfire.

4. Take care of yourself physically

Spiritually and emotionally. Eat right and Exercise can never go wrong-they are proven to improve quality of life. Find ways to engage your mind, celebrate your creativity as well as  your body and spirit.

5. Research companies before the interview.

Research the organization through the Internet or your local library. Request promotional information and annual financial reports from the company. Be the one that stands out as ninety percent of the other job hunters don’t do their homework.

6. Identify your accomplishments and relevant skills.

Know what you have to offer. Know the most important contributions you gave to your former employers. You should be able to articulate your strengths in the interview and on your resume.

During your job search think outside the box. Look for untapped skills, unexpected opportunities and explore interests.

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