Interview Questions To Ask Employer

Interviews are more like a two-way street. For an organization to determine if you are a proper fit for the company’s needs, the organization uses the interview process to evaluate your credentials as well as you . The interview is equally important for the interviewee as it provides him/her an opportunity to evaluate how well the position and the company match what you are looking for. You can draw out important information from the interviewers by working out a number of well-thought out questions in advance of the interview.  This will not only show your intelligence but also your sincere interest in the position at hand.

The questions that are the best are those that you come up with during your research of the organization while preparing for the interview. If possible, questions should be tailored to the company and position. The following are some of the interview questions to ask an employer and they will give you ideas and get you started thinking about potential interview questions.

Are you suitable for the Position

What are the primary attributes and skills a candidate needs to be successful in this position?

Describe a good work environment

What are the most challenging aspects of the position

What is the next step after the interview process

In your organization a successful employee has what characteristics?

Can you describe for me a typical work day in this position?

What is your management style?

When communicating with your team what is your preferred method?

Company Culture

What criteria is used to measure whether or not you are achieving your set goals?

In this job how will performance be measured?

Your company culture, how would you describe it?

What is the organization structure of your department?

My job performance will be evaluated when and how?

In this department or say organization how is success measured?

Who are the major parties that you are responsible to support: employees, customers, shareholders , etc.? When the needs of these groups are at odds with each other how do you go about making decisions?

Measures for Success

Within their first 90 days on the job or six months, what are your expectations for new employee hires ?

The Future of the Organization

Say in the next two or five years what is your vision for the department (or organization)?

Currently what is the greatest challenge for the organization?

In the marketplace what is the organization’s competitive advantage?

As a manager what major challenges are you facing?


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