How To Write A Resume That Will Stand Out

Resume writing is quite important when you are searching for a job. In this article we are going to look at how to write a resume.

Determine what you want to do.

If  you have no objective or job target you definitely can’t write a good resume. Make sure you customize your resume to the specific job you are applying for. The days of sending 100 copies of the same resume are long gone.

Come up with a list of all the jobs you have held that have relevance to the new job you want to apply for.

From those jobs that are similar to the one you are looking for what skills did you acquire? For example, if you are applying for an Administrative Assistant job, Your  job as a Front Counter Cashier does not apply and should be left off. However, if you held a managerial position and you had restaurant paperwork such as reports,inventory,bank deposits as well as ordering an exception would be made. Get to know what things you should not INCLUDE on your resume.

Ensure you stand out without over doing it.

Work on a design you can begin with a blank page but no templates should be used. At this point it is not the time to be too super creative or colorful. Put yourself in a hiring manager’s position. Picture that you have received 200 emails from job applicants in a short period of time. What resume would catch your eye in less than 10 seconds? Think of a resume that would would be different as well as refreshing and go for it.

Lets now look at the actual content of the resume.

In a resume there are basically five sections.

  1. Contact Information
  2. Headline – Explain what you are offering.
  3. Skills Summary – Quickly explain your skills.
  4. Professional Experience – Accomplishment oriented as well as Relevant. Avoid the word “I”, instead use action verbs to begin your sentences.
  5. Education – List university or college only. Unless you are a recent graduate with no experience Leave out high school.

You should get your family or friends to proofread it.

I want to to point out that it is quite critical to do this. Check carefully for spelling errors that you might have missed. Print it out and review it again. Look out for for punctuation errors, poor grammar, and repetition.

Always send the resume with a cover letter.

The cover letter should be addressed specifically to the job posting and company.Explain briefly why you are the best candidate for the job and how you heard of the job opening. Make sure to hit the  highlights of what you will bring to the organization so they are interested and  intrigued reading your resume.

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