First Job Interview Tips

You are now ready for that first real job and you have just graduated from college or university. You have sent out a number of curriculum vitae and now they have called you in for your first interview. How do you prepare yourself so that  you perform well at your first job the interview and you end up being offered the job? In this article we are going to look at the best 5 first Job Interview tips

1. You Should Dress professionally.

No flip-flops, low-cut blouses,midriff shirts, or muscle T-shirts since you’re going to a  work place and not the beach. While it’s not essential to buy a suit, looking professional is particularly very important. If you’re trying to get a job in a traditional office such as a marketing firm, you should not dress as if you were going to a nightclub. If you are applying for a job as a plumber, you definitely have a bit of freedom. Instead of listing what clothing is acceptable and not, I would advice you to dress as if you were going to meet the president.

2. Make sure you are well-groomed.

Don’t look as if you have just jumped out of bed and couldn’t care less about basic personal hygiene. Nothing will bring an interview to an early closure than dirty fingernails, unwashed hair,  or body odor. Once you are hired will be a reflection of the company and no client wants to do business with an dirty person.

3. You should be aware of your body language.

To show that you are a confident person a firm handshake at the beginning of the interview is required. Stay relaxed,maintain eye contact and pay attention during the interviewer. Listen carefully to the answers and ask intelligent questions. Keep to the topic, do not just ramble. You should also think carefully before you answer questions from the interviewer.

4. Be prepared for the interview.

You should research the organisation beforehand– every company now has a website where you can get information on  who their customers are and what they do. This shows the interviewer you took the initiative to research about their company and are genuinely interested in the job.

5. Be present in the interview.

Through the years i have been doing interviews. I have interviewed candidates who behaved as if they were waiting for a taxi. They never asked Intelligent questions. Instead they just listened to me, and I wasn’t quite sure if they were paying attention. Ask questions, participate in the interview and be enthusiastic.

After listing all required duties for the position, one candidate was asked if these matched his skills and qualifications. His reply was a dull, “I can do the job.” He never answered my question, He seemed distant, and he definitely didn’t get the job. If you can’t be enthusiastic during the interview, you’re definitely not going to be very active on the job either.

You should let the employers know you want the job and you will do your best as well as work hard, so first impressions are critical. Even if you are not necessarily the most qualified candidate, you can still get the job because you were the exceptional. Just follow these first job interview tips and Good luck!

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