Transferable Skills on a Graduate, No Work Experience

Transferable Skills on a Graduate, No Work Experience? No Problem! New graduates and college students often think they have nothing to include on a resume when carrying out a job search. Apparently for college students’ their work experience is most of the times not related to their job targets, and so the only information left … Read more

Tips for a Successful Job Search

For you to have a successful job search make sure to create a support system for yourself emotionally. Identify people you can easily count on. One thing you should understand is that some will have weaknesses in one area, but strengths in another. In your job search Identify the various people will play different roles. … Read more

How to Conduct a Job Search in Malawi

Carrying out a job search in Malawi is a daunting task, even for experienced professionals. There are a number of pieces to the puzzle, and each piece plays its own critical role in the process. The most crucial element for your success is knowing the pieces of the process. There is a basic guide to … Read more

Job Search Malawi
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