Interview Questions To Ask Employer

Interviews are more like a two-way street. For an organization to determine if you are a proper fit for the company’s needs, the organization uses the interview process to evaluate your credentials as well as you . The interview is equally important for the interviewee as it provides him/her an opportunity to evaluate how well … Read more

First Job Interview Tips

You are now ready for that first real job and you have just graduated from college or university. You have sent out a number of curriculum vitae and now they have called you in for your first interview. How do you prepare yourself so that  you perform well at your first job the interview and … Read more

How To Win A Job Interview

A number of Job applicants do not succeed in job interviews due to the lack of confidence in themselves. A job interview should never be thought of or equated to an interrogation. This wrong idea of what an interview should be in fact adds to the growing fear  inside. This fear normally stops you from … Read more

Job Interviews Prepare Questions In Advance

An interview almost invariably closes with the potential employer asking if you have any questions. Often an applicant will ask for clarification on benefits -insurance, vacation time, etc. While these are obviously important for you to know, they plant a seed in the interviewer’s mind that maybe you are more interested in what the job … Read more

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